Responsive Arts

When it comes to combining art and technology, I tend to gravitate towards the theme of machinery responding to environmental stimuli. I enjoy the thought of machines having a mind of their own and believe they would all have unique responses to outside stimuli. I also enjoy creating wearables; I particularly enjoy heavy embroidery and soft circuit pieces as it makes it easier on the wearer and provides me with broader creative possibilities.

It’s Legal Man: MaKey MaKey
“It’s Legal Man” is a game created with a MaKeyMaKey controller.

Make Me Happy: Arduino Project
“Make Me Happy” is a project involving Arduino hardware and a naughty box.

Heartbeat Sweatshirt: Wearable
“Heartbeat Sweatshirt” is a sweatshirt that displays the wearer’s heartbeat using a heartbeat sensor,LEDs, and an Adafruit FLORA.

Floating Keyboard   
“Floating Keyboard” is a keyboard created with conductive paint, acrylic, and Arduino hardware.

Finger Bug: LilyPad Arduino
“Finger Bug” is a glove connected to an Arduino LilyPad which tracks finger movement to control an outside