Space Rabbit Proposal

Project Proposal July 2016

The goal of my project is to extend my knowledge of animation. What I hope to accomplish during the four weeks is create a short animation (maximum of thirty seconds) using the software “Toon Boom”.

What I would like to explore in my project is more movement through space. During my brief time animating in Japan, I struggled with determining a narrative for my animations and changing the angles of the camera. In animation, it’s not just the art and the movement of the characters but also the movement in the space that creates a connection with the audience.

Therefore, my character of choice for this animation is a black rabbit that is hopping from planet to planet in space. I do not plan to use static back and forth movement where it is only the rabbit moving, but I also plan to have the planets get smaller as the rabbit proceeds towards the front.


Week 1 (July 13th):

-Have a proposal written

-Storyboards finished

-Under-movement sketched (no in-betweens, just keyframes)

Week 2 (July 20th):

-Have over layer drawn

-Layer needs to be cleaned up

-In-betweens should be roughed in

Week 3 (July 27th):

-Finished product (colored and on youtube)