Story Boards

Currently, I am working on an Independent Study project for my creative computation capstone minor. The first step in creating my animation was to create a series of storyboards. I ultimately wanted to do some quick and dirty ones so that way I could nail down the story and go back to improve upon them later.

Going through, we have the character sleeping and then waking up to turn off her alarm. She sits up and observes the creatures on her bed. She then proceeds to get up and walk out of the room and a book bounces after her. We follow the book to the kitchen where it lays down and waits for the main character to notice it. When the character sees the book, she picks it up and opens it to a specific page. She then returns back to the stove and summons a variety of food from the fridge. The food then opens itself and settles in the pan or bowl. The character then summons a beverage to be poured into her mug.

This is currently where I am in regards to the story. I am stuck as where I want to go but plan to nail down more of the story as I go.


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