Character and Background Sketches

For the next leg in my independent study project, I had to make preliminary sketches of the backgrounds and the character. For the backgrounds, there are only two main scenes; the bedroom and the kitchen. For the character’s bedroom, I wanted to embrace a bohemian vibe with a little magic mixed in. I envision this bedroom with a big bed and shelves cluttered with various knick knacks and posters everywhere. For the kitchen, I envision a well kept kitchen with a retro fridge and modern electronics.

For my main character I am going through several different designs that are inspired by the body build of Rosemary Valero-O’Connell characters (Link to her blog). Overall, she’s a black woman around the age of 25. She’s what I consider a breakfast witch; she can control breakfast, manipulate eggs, make pancakes (think the fairies from Sleeping Beauty when they were making the birthday dinner). I am still trying to narrow down her overall build but I want her to be somewhat lanky with dark curly hair.


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