It’s Legal Man: MaKey MaKey

[ For this project, I chose to use a MaKey MaKey and create a game controller as well as a game. The hardest thing about this project would have had to be creating the overall game as I was using an application called GameSalad for the first time. GameSalad utilizes drag and drop functions in order for games to be created quickly and with little hassle; definitely what I need for this project.

The goal of the game is to collect the marijuana leaves and avoid the policeman. As for the controller, I decided to go with a simpler cardboard controller, as it does not interfere with the MaKey MaKey. I cut out a slit in the front in order to allow the ground clip and USB cord to be attached with ease.A simple black, white, and grey paint job allowed me to mimic the texture of a rock, if not poorly. her tricky part about the controller was figuring out how to hook up the alligator clips to the buttons. I started out with wire that looked copper but turned out to just be painted on. Once I stripped the wires down to the base the sensors worked fine and movement was recognized. In order to ground myself to the MaKey MaKey, I simply took a piece of conductive fabric and taped it onto my wrist. I found that I needed to place the ground wire in the inner part of my wrist in order for the connection to be complete. I hooked it up to my computer and it worked fine overall.

I have uploaded it to GameSalad arcade online in order that I may be allowed easy access to my creation. I wish I had more time in order to perfect the overall game, as I would have been able to delete the weed plants when they were collected. The controller I am happy with because I was able to show off my crafting skills and painting abilities, albeit a quick paint job. The link below leads to my game online.

It’s Legal Man


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